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The Wine Advisory helps you celebrate and explore the magical world of wine. We provide education, special events and personal wine services, to deepen your wine appreciation.
Josephine Horn is a winemaker and industry professional who works with individuals, corporations and event services.

She has endless wine knowledge, and is ready with new varieties and styles for you to try.

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Josephine Horn

Josephine is a winemaker, educator and industry professional.
She has worked with some of the most prestigious wineries in both Australia and Europe. Retail experience within Melbourne's elite wine outlets has also deepened her understanding of the products available, and the current market trends.

Now, Josephine is ready to share her experience and passion for wine with you. She can teach you how to improve your knowledge and drinking pleasure without intimidation, snobbery or an expensive price tag.

Her friendly and positive personality is perfect for wine tasting functions and special events. At home, Josephine can help you and your family develop your own collections, purchase wines according to your individual preferences, and secure you the best premium wine deals.

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